Voice-Based Tracking & PTZ Link Software

Easily turn AVer’s PTZ camera to a voice tracking camera via PTZ Link software! Just connect AVer Pro AV cameras to microphone systems without programming, then the cameras can automatically switch focus between different speakers! This solution is ideal for conferences, training courses, classrooms and lecture halls.

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Pro AV Solutions

AVer auto tracking and livestreaming PTZ cameras enable anyone to perfectly capture stunning content widthout an extra technician, saving time, energy, and money, Featurnig AI tracking technology and high-quality imagine, it's ideal solution for the video capturing needs of any industry, Broadcasting, streaming, and recording have never been this easy!

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Team up and strategize how we can target each other' s customers to drive new business to each other. Also, referrals are one of the best ways to get new customers. So, let' s build referral-generating activity into the sales process together.

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Looking at added value to our existed customers for growth opportunities is the key to success. Always consider customers' perspective to make them happy by creating memorable experiences, and the right partnership saves effort and leads to better results.

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When businesses (we) want to expand the customer base, expanding into new markets gives us the chance to connect with different target audiences who can benefit from our new products or services and existing product lines. And that' s why we partner.

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Partnerships can help build brand awareness, trust, and sales. Also, Brand-to-brand partnerships allow marketers to capitalize on affinities between their brands and others. Partnering up with another brand could help you double and even triple your reach.

Voice Tracking Partners

Endlessly flexible, for the most demanding spaces. From microphones to DSPs to loudspeakers, the Shure Microflex Ecosystem offers a complete portfolio of networked audio solutions that can be precisely tailored to your needs, for best in-class collaboration experiences in any room.

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Supported Models

Shure® IntelliMix® P300 Audio Conferencing Processor

Shure® MXA910 / MXA710/ MXA310 Microphone

Shure® MXA920 Ceiling Array Microphone Shure® Microflex® Complete Wireless (MXCW) System

We live and breathe audio. We are driven by the passion to create audio solutions that make a difference. Building the future of audio and bringing remarkable sound experiences to our customers – this is what the Sennheiser brand has represented for more than 75 years. From everyday workspaces to lecture halls and conference venues to hybrid meeting environments, Sennheiser products deliver audibly better solutions designed to make collaboration and learning easier.

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Supported Models

Sennheiser TeamConnect Ceiling 2 Microphone

Sennheiser TeamConnect Ceiling Medium Microphone

Yamaha is a world leader in the manufacture and supply of professional audio products and solutions for a wide range of applications. These include installed and live sound reinforcement, immersive and acoustic enhancement, professional conferencing and systems for hospitality, corporate and education facilities. With a worldwide presence, Yamahas subsidiaries and its dealer networks provide comprehensive local services, backed by a global Yamaha support policy.

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Supported Models

ADECIA Ceiling Solution

ADECIA Tabletop Solution

ADECIA Wireless Solution

Remote Conference Processor RM-CR

Nureva Inc. is a technology-rich, multiple award-winning private company that imagines and builds audio conferencing solutions that solve the frustrating and persistent problem of poor audio performance in meeting and learning spaces. At the core of every system is the company's patented Microphone Mist technology, which places thousands of virtual microphones throughout a space to pick up sound from anywhere in the room and deliver clear, reliable audio to remote participants. A passion for achieving simplicity through deep user understanding drives the company's product roadmap and the value it creates for its customers.

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Supported Models

Nureva HDL300 Audio Conferencing System

Nureva Dual HDL300 Audio Conferencing System

Nureva HDL310 Audio Conferencing System

Nureva HDL410 Audio Conferencing System

ClearOne is a global market leader enabling conferencing, collaboration, and network streaming solutions. The performance and simplicity of its advanced, comprehensive solutions offer unprecedented levels of functionality, reliability, and scalability.

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Supported Models

ClearOne BMA 360 Beamforming Microphone Array System

ClearOne CONVERGE® Pro 2 Digital Signal Processor (DSP)

Celebrating 60 years of audio excellence worldwide, Audio-Technica is a leading innovator in transducer technology, renowned for the design and manufacture of microphones, wireless microphones, headphones, mixers, and turntables for the audio industry.

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Supported Models

Audio-Technica ATND1061 Beamforming Ceiling Array Microphone

Biamp® wurde 1976 gegründet und ist ein anerkannter weltweiter Marktführer für innovative, vernetzte Medienlösungen, die Menschen durch außergewöhnliche audiovisuelle Erlebnisse verbinden. Mit preisgekrönten Produkten wie den digitalen Signalprozessoren Tesira™, den Mikrofonen und Konferenzleisten Parlé™ Beamtracking™, den Touch-Schnittstellen Apprimo™, den Steuerungssystemen Impera™, den Schallmaskierungslösungen Cambridge™, den vernetzten Beschallungs- und Sprachkommunikationssystemen Vocia™ und Desono™ Business-Audiolautsprecher, Community™-Performance-Lautsprecher und Evoko™-Raum- und Schreibtischbuchungssysteme – die Lösungen des Unternehmens werden in einer Vielzahl von Anwendungen eingesetzt, von Konferenzräumen und hybriden Arbeitsumgebungen bis hin zu Veranstaltungsorten für darstellende Künste, Gastgewerbe und Regierungseinrichtungen.

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Supported Models

Biamp Parlé Conferencing Microphones

Biamp TesiraFORTÉ Digital Signal Processor (DSP)

Der Bosch-Geschäftsbereich Building Technologies ist ein weltweit führender Anbieter von Sicherheits-, Schutz- und Kommunikationsprodukten und -systemen. In ausgewählten Ländern bietet Bosch Lösungen und Dienstleistungen für Gebäudesicherheit, Energieeffizienz und Gebäudeautomation an. Rund 10.900 Mitarbeiter erwirtschafteten im Jahr 2022 einen Umsatz von 2,5 Milliarden Euro. Der Schutz von Leben, Gebäuden und Vermögenswerten ist das oberste Ziel. Das Produktportfolio umfasst Videosicherheits-, Einbruchmelde-, Brandmelde- und Sprachevakuierungssysteme sowie Zutrittskontroll- und Managementsysteme. Professionelle Audio- und Konferenzsysteme zur Kommunikation von Sprache, Ton und Musik runden das Angebot ab. Building Technologies entwickelt und produziert in eigenen Werken in Europa, Amerika und Asien.

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Supported Models

DICENTIS Conference System

DICENTIS Wireless Conference System

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